The Strength Behind 'Special Needs Moms'

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So you’re a ‘special needs mom’. You never thought you’d be. You planned out your life. Go to school, get married, have two kids, grow old. Nowhere in there was the term ‘special needs’. But it happened. And it’s ok. You’ve made ‘peace’ with it. You’ve ‘got this’. The therapies, the red tape, the doctors, the comments, the stares. It can all roll off your back because you know who your child is and what they will be. You know how far they will go in life and how they will leave everyone else with their mouths open, staring in disbelief because they’ve accomplished so much. 

But then it happens. 

Your community suffers a terrible loss. Someone you’ve never met but feel as if they were part of your inner circle because they were. You looked for updates and prayed every day for their health. Then another loss and another. 

It gets to a point where you feel you either go numb or go crazy worrying about when it’ll be your turn. And you wish and pray it will never be your turn. And you also can’t go numb because these are precious children and amazing families who are going through the unthinkable. 

And then there is someone else. Out of the blue, a perfectly normal morning turns into a nightmare. And you are praying for them. And you are wearing their colors or sparkles, in this case, to show the mom that you care. That you are with them even though you’ve never met. 

It’s this part of ‘special needs’ mom that no one prepares you for. It’s also this side that makes you stronger - not because you grow strong but because moms around you are strong for you when you feel you’ve got nothing left. When fear and doubt consume you and overwhelm you, they come in and lift you up - sometimes without even knowing it. 


*** Sending the biggest hug to those who have suffered loss in their life and prayers of hope for those who are currently in the big fight. We are always here for you! ***

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